I spend my days homeschooling my 3 little blonde haired tornados while wrangling our crazy dog named Sammy, 10 chickens(whitey, pepper, tan twins, grey grey, notice the theme, lol) and a hilarious Rooster name Martin. I’ve been married to my fire lieutenant hubby for 13 years and he is my biggest cheerleader.

More About Me!

I believe in living life by the seat of my pants, literally, life is meant to be fun, you only live once! I am addicted to iced coffee, traveling, running and staying up late watching junky reality tv while editing your photos.

I’m Heather, the face behind the camera and a lover of sun and light.


I don’t want to forget a single moment or detail that makes my kids them.

My family is my why, the reason I started this little photography business.

I don’t worry about what others think - I run around in my yoga pants and no make-up 75% of the time. Don’t expect me to show up to your session ready to go out - I will spend most of it rolling around in the grass or running around chasing your kids being silly. If your kids are wild, don’t worry so are mine, and I love the chaos. My sessions are far from serious, I LOVE when your kids are laughing and being silly, it means they are comfortable and having fun!

I truly want to capture THEIR personality as it is now, which is the reason you hired me!
My style is genuine, emotional and unscripted, I want to tell the story of your family as it is in this season of life. I believe family is life’s biggest gift and I want you to be able to look back at your photos and remember exactly how you and your kiddos were in that moment of life. You love your babies with your whole self, and I want to capture that in your images.

(sometimes too laid back) and it’s impossible to offend me.

I am the most laid back person you’ll meet

Life moves fast, so let's slow it down for just one night and capture all the beautiful moments you don’t want to forget.